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2018 ······  1.700 visitors
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2022 ······ 5.000 (x2) 

2023 ······ 5.000 visitors
2024 ······ 10.000 visitors


Tropikali Festival: 
22 + 23 June 2024


Tropikali combines your favourite parties Kalinichta, Latinichta and a new stage called SECRETO. This all on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam Noord: a big creative hub where you can eat, drink, chill, dance and discover new exotic flora & fauna.

Tropikali Festival is doubling the fun this year with a special first-ever weekender.

Saturday, June 22nd, and Sunday, June 23rd, 2024 at the NDSM-Wharf in Amsterdam.

Two days with 4 different stages:

ROSARIO (Sat & Sun): Electronic, Latin house & Tropical rhythms.

SECRETO(Sat & Sun): Techno, Rave

LATINICHTA (Sat): Reggaeton, Brazilian & Surinamese

KALINICHTA (Sun): Balkan & Middle Eastern, Arab electronic

🛑 Early Birds: Sold out
✅ Regular day tickets + special priced Weekend Tickets now available here

Tropikali is LGBTQIA+ oriented, but all truly open-minded people are welcome. We have an eclectic line-up: from
tropical grooves, to balkan beats and other DJ’s, performances and live music from all around the globe and this year at SECRETO stage expect a variety of Techno, Neo Perreo, Hyper Pop and other up beat travels with an atmosphere of queer desire.

More info: www.tropikali.nl
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